You are invited to submit items for inclusion in the Tarbut program

1. The tarbut program will take place on the Friday evening, and is expected to last between 75-90 minutes in all. Stage facilities will be minimal.

5. Proposals should reach us by end of April 2020. The proposal should describe the item and if possible include an audio or video sample. Be sure to state clearly the people involved in the item, including telephone numbers and e-mail addresses, estimated time, A multi-generational committee will look at the submissions and draw up a program. We promise answers by end of May.

Here’s to a great evening of tarbut!   PLEASE submit a short form  below




2. We envisage a varied program: music, dance, skits, monologues. The overall tone
we are aiming at is nostalgic and Habonim-Dror based. We aim for a mix of humor
and seriousness, lightness and shade.

3. Items should be between 2 and 7 minutes. One or two people will introduce the items and make links that will allow for some coherence.

4. Some ideas: a few people as a choir, classic skits, Israeli dancing, then and now,
video art, monologues telling stories, new lyrics for old songs, traditional anthems,
original writing. We aim for a balance between solo and group items. Technically,
keep it simple. We do not recommend reading from a text.

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