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HED 30

Zoomers talk to Boomers about Gender and Sexuality:

everything you wanted to know but were afraid to ask  

with Marion Rom

Sunday, January 17th, 2021

             Ahead of the session we encourage you to ask questions about gender or sexuality to the panelists in the upcoming HED run by Marion.

   Your questions are completely anonymous and we encourage questions that spark discourse and dialogue – things that you otherwise would have been too afraid to ask.  CLICK HERE

Read bios of Marion and panelists Gina-Lee Ellis, Jonathan Sidi and Brad Gottschalk  below.

Note session times:

· California/Vancouver (PDT) – 10:00 AM

· Toronto/NY (EDT) –1:00 PM

· London (GMT) – 6:00 PM

· South Africa – 8:00 PM

· Israel – 8:00 PM

· Sydney/Melbourne (AEDT) Monday 5:00 AM


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Marion Rom

I was in the movement since the age of Shtilim. I used to go to weekly meetings and then Seminars and finally Habonim camp in Sayrim and Shomrim. I ran weekly meetings  with Robbie Resnick as my co-madrich.  My highlight was doing Hadracha at machaneh for Solelim.  My highlight as being a madrichah at Solelim Machaneh with Ralph Bortz as the Rosh.

From the age of 16 I was always interested in marginalized people and wanted to “save the world” as a social worker.
I obtained a psychiatric social work and a Masters’ degree from University of Cape Town. My work took me to the townships and where I became very aware of the inequalities in South Africa.

My family and I moved to Toronto and Vancouver where I initially worked in schools as a social worker and then in Health Care for the past 17 years. 
Habonim taught me to think and question and I became passionate about helping  the mental health of those who were mentally vulnerable.
In 2004 I won an “award of Excellence in the BC Children’s hospital” for introducing a special program for families of youth with Eating Disorders.
In the past 4 years I have worked in the area of gender diversity in youth and  a third of my private practice targets youth, and families of youth who have gender dysphoria.

Marion Rom

Gina-Lee Ellis

Gina-Lee has been involved within Habonim since 2013. Has taken up various leadership positions and is S’ganit Maskira for 2021.  She is majoring in Law and International Relations at Wits University. She has a passion for marginalized peoples and has constantly worked to ensure that Habonim continues to progress to become and an equal space for all.

Gina-Lee Ellis

Brad Gottschalk

Brad is  a Bogrim 2 Madrich in Habonim and a recent matriculant from King David Linksfield in Johannesburg.  He is passionate about the LGBTQ+ community. Another passion is solving problems that the community face- notably through his impact within the South African Jewish Community.
He is hoping to go to Shnat in Israel this year.

Brad Gottschalk

Jonathan Sidi

Jonathan is currently studying towards a law degree in business majoring in Brand and Marketing.  He has been an active member of Habonim Dror South Africa from the age of 16, holding various tafkidim since returning from Shnat in 2018.  He co-wrote the HDSA Guide to Everything Queer and was involved in starting up HDSA’s Queer Space.  He is passionate about social activism and youth empowerment through education.

Jonathan Sidi
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