The Habonim Story with Prof. Giddy Shimoni

Prof. Gideon Shimoni

This page brings together most of the material presented at HED 25 by Giddy Shimoni and other speakers including Stephen Pincus and Benzi Segal.   The texts of their speeches which spanned Habonim Dror in the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s can be downloaded and read from the links below.  The talks about the two decades in the 2000s with Micaela Browde (1hr 1 mins on timeline) and Anthea Kadman (52 mins on timeline) can be watched in the video. 

Below we  include a full recording of the Zoom session.  

Prior to the session Giddy presented a thoroughly researched paper he had written on the “Habonim Story” (a short history) as background to his presentation. 

To download Giddy’s paper entitled “The Habonim Story” click here

To download the text from Giddy’s presentation click here

To download the text from Benzi Segal’s presentation – click here

To download the text from Stephen Pincus’s presentation – click here

You can watch below the full content of the HED 25 session held on the 1st November 2020

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