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There are three events happening back-to-back in Israel in October 2022. The first is A-Guard (23-25th Oct),  Mini- Kaleidoscope (26-27 October 2022), followed by HUG (28 October 2022).  See details on the new program format 

HABO 2022 will be based at Yearim Hotel at Kibbutz Maaleh Hachamisha near Jerusalem.  For more about the hotel see

The A-Guard tour will involve different hotels. Check the A-Guard itinerary for details.

HUG will be based at Kibbutz Tzora

Visit our registration page in to show your interest for Mini Kaleidoscope and HUG.

This includes a link to the A-Guard registration which is separate.

Please go to this updated page for full updated details of the itinerary.

We are in the final days before the events and ask that people register their choices as soon as possible to enable organisers to plan logistics.

There are two online forms : One for Mini Kaleidoscope and HUG and a separate one for A Guard. Please go to this page

A list of prices is available on this page and including the itinerary.

A comprehensive insurance policy is not included and we advise you arrange your own.

The price for the Habonim Ultimate Gathering (HUG) is $45 (equivalent in NIS) for the day including a light lunch, coffee and tea during the day. Please ensure you have registered.  If you pay at the door the charge is NIS 180 – cash only.

People who have not booked for the single or two-day Mini Kaleidoscope and who wish to join on Wednesday and Thursdays night at Yearim Hotel, Kibbutz Tzora will be asked to pay separately for dinner and program at the door. Price to be announced.

The dinner and program are included for those booked for the MINI Kaleidoscope programs.

If you wish to attend the dinner and tarbut for either (or both) the Wednesday and Thursday evenings please go to this page for details and links to separate registration.

All meals at both HUG and Kaleidoscope will be kosher.

You can bring your car to Mini Kaleidoscope and park near or at Bloomfield stadium which is equidistant to both the Ruth Daniel Hotel and the last place we will be visiting for the day. You can then drive to Yearim and leave your car there for the rest of Mini K.  Please contact if you need further assistance.

We expect and encourage you to bring your non-Habo spouses/partners, adult children, and relatives and friends to attend Kaleidoscope and HUG.  

Although we are not currently planning to have facilities/programs for younger children at either Kaleidoscope or HUG, we may explore possible options to accommodate them if there is sufficient demand.

Please go to the contact page on this site and send us your question. We will endeavor to answer promptly.

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