Recordings of HED sessions to date

HED 1 with Julian Resnick

For those who were not able or missed the first session of Talking HED…below is a recording to watch. The first 5 mins of the clip below is intro music and some nostalgic Habo pictures (thanks Howie) and so the actual session starts at 5:20 on the timeline. Julian’s talk is entitled “My feet in Berlin, my heart in Jerusalem: Journeys Making Meaning  – how Sollelim Machaneh still informs the way I educate, 50 years later”

HED 2 – below is  the presentation by Prof. Louis Herman on 9th April 2020. 

HED 3 – below is Sharon Katz’s presentation  on the 12th of April

HED 4 with Dr Allan Donsky talked about “Habonim and Onrus life : Relevance for navigating today’s challenges.” with intros by Daniel Barnett and Eitan Stern “trains and planes to machaneh”

A special HED presentation by  Jackie Metzger entitled “Another way to Remember” on Yom Hashoah

 HED 5 –  Entitled  “Habo Doctors in the Time of COVID: International Perspectives” a panel chaired  by Dr. Alan Rabinowitz, Vancouver and including Dr. Leon Fine, Los Angeles  Dr. Jonny Broomberg, Johannesburg Dr. Brian Fredman, Israel  Dr. Sean Wasserman, Cape Town Dr Val Mizrahi, Viv Anstey, Cape Town, Dr John Abeles USA

 HED 6 with Lauren Segal from Johannesburg talking about the subjects of Cancer, Covid and Constitution. Her talk was followed by a presentation by Manhig of SA Habonim, Errol Anstey on developments of Onrust campsite over the years. The session was held on April 26th

HED 7 – Ronni Kahn and Alan Browde  talk on:  “Harvesting Passion”  with a supporting talk by Karla Green Dana entitled: “When Habonim realised it had a gender problem”

HED 8 – This is PART Two of Prof Louis Herman’s presentation entitled “My Habonim Experience as inspiration for a New Political Cosmology” held on May 12th

HED 9 was presented on the 24th May by Prof. Ilana Hurwitz entitled  “Covid, Corruption and Human Rights” with guest Dr Diddy Mymin Kahn 

HED 10 with Marion Rom and panelists discussing the topic of LGBTQ+: Navigating the world of gender and sexual diversity.”

HED 11 – with introduction by  Peter Tollman and a panel of distinguished speakers speaking about “Leadership in the crisis”

HED 12 on June 14th  presented by Dr Paul Browde  on “The Stories That Tell Us: Psychiatry and Narratives of Connection.”

Louis Herman continues his series on “The Quest for Truth” in this Part 3 

HED 13– with Jonathan Ariel and Avraham Infeld on the subject of “What does being Jewish call me to be and do?” with contributions from numerous participants.

HED 14 on June 28th was presented by John and Judy Eliasov and a panel of five artists giving live presentations and three artists that were recorded, on the subject “Art that shapes our lives and the creativity of ex-Habonim artists”

HED 15 discusses Annexation – the consequences for Isreael and the Zionist enterprise with keynote speaker Max Moss and panelists Dr Alon Liel, Prof. Bernard Lerer and Gabi Saven.

HED 16 was presented by Diana Aviv on the subject “American Democracy in Peril and the Role of Civil Society”

Prof Louis Herman continues on his series called “The Truth Quest” and in this part 4 the session focuses on life stories as told by participants.

HED 17 with Debbie Kalmanowitz and David Altschuler  was held Sunday, July 26, 2020 on the subject  “The privilege (and power) of purpose driven work – discovering Tikkun Olam through art and action in countries most in need.”

Special introductory guest  Professor Danai Fannin- from North Carolina Central University who spoke about Black Lives Matter.

HED 19 on August 23rd with Robert Zipper – the quintessential rocker talking about music of the 50s, 60s and 70s and its impact on the protest movements.  Other guests Dean Salant, Jenny Dison, Toby Tobias, Tamar Jacobson, Richard Schwartz contributed to the debate on how music has influenced social and political conscience and change.

This was the 5th in the series by Prof Louis Herman on the “Truth Quest” with a series of readings from group participants on their personal life stories.

HED 20 – Entitled “”Climate Change in context: Everything you want to know about climate change, but are too afraid to ask.”  with Drs. Neville Sweijd,  Mandy Barnett and Clive Lipchin

HED 21 with Harry Margalit

HED 22 with Hugh Raichlin.  You can see more about Hugh’s work by going to YouTube and typing his name to find three films on Greece, Latvia/Lithuania and India.

HED 23 with Des Kaplan and the Galilee Dreamers

HED 24 – we remembered nine Habonim chaverim who fell in their service for the State of Israel.

HED 25 – with Giddy Shimoni on “The Story of Habonim”. He talked about the significance of the Habonim experience within the context of what happened to Zionism in our time. 

Louis Herman “VI” is the next in his special series on the Truth Quest. In this session there were 10 readings from former members of Habonim with insights into their lives and in many cases how the movement impacted their chosen paths.

HED 26 entitled “We flipped Wisconsin!” with Simmy Ziv-el and panelists Diana Aviv and Ken Bob.

Habonim Dror SA Today: Facing the  Challenges of 2020 and Visions for the Future.

Farewell to Manhig Errol Anstey and welcome to Wayne Sussman

HED 28 – Child Abuse and Neglect: Challenges and Controversies” with Prof. Howard Dubowitz and Prof. Asher Ben-Arieh

HED 29 presented by Larry Shore on his film : RFK in the Land of Apartheid : A Ripple of Hope.

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