Habonim Ultimate Gathering (HUG)

We are now in the after glow of Kaleidosocope and HUG and have started to process and share our impressions and experiences.  Please visit the HUG, Kaleidoscope and Media menus on this website to see photo albums.  We will add video recordings as we process them.  The South African Jewish Report published this report.  

and yes we will find time to share thoughts – on what happened but more important on what next?

HUG was held October  28th 2022 at Kibbutz Tzora – see program

details below.

We encouraged chevre to join us on the Wednesday and Thursday evenings at Yearim Hotel Kibbutz Maale Hachamisha for dinner, tarbut and a HABO sing-along.  Click for details or scroll down.

We are delighted that so many participants have registered for the events – we have two large buses for Kaleidoscope and expect over 300 participants at HUG – but there are still spaces available.  Please encourage your friends who have been think of registering to do so now.

HUG will offer participants time to relax and shmooz with old friends as well as to participate in creative activities and reflection. It will be a wonderful reunion and a time to celebrate how Habonim informed and transformed our lives as well as to find out about the Habonim of today and speculate on the Habonim of the future.

And we might even explore areas where it’s still possible for us to change the world, or at least make an impact.

There will be great tarbut, shira, cocoa, taps and many hugs…

If you can volunteer on the day please contact hilherz@gmail.com  

See details of our special evening Tarbut which we are now publishing and inviting all to attend. These are evenings inclusive of the Mini Kaleidoscope program and we encourage others to join us – see here 


Celebrate With Old Friends

Content Filled Sessions

Creative Activities

Relax and Enjoy

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