Habonim Ultimate Gathering (HUG)

HUG is being held October  28th 2022 at Kibbutz Tzora

We want each of you to be part of this happening and really hope that circumstance will allow us to follow through on our plans. The HUG event will take place on the Friday at Kibbutz Tzora. We encourage chevre to join us on the Thursday evening at Yearim Hotel Kibbutz Maale Hachamisha for dinner, tarbut and a HABO sing-along.

HUG will offer participants time to relax and shmooz with old friends as well as to participate in creative activities and reflection. It will be a wonderful reunion and a time to celebrate how Habonim informed and transformed our lives as well as to find out about the Habonim of today and speculate on the Habonim of the future.

And we might even explore areas where it’s still possible for us to change the world, or at least make an impact.

There will be great tarbut, shira, cocoa, taps and many hugs…

Really hoping for this to be a massive gathering and warm celebration

If you are interested in volunteering on the day please contact hilherz@gmail.com 

In the meantime, sign up your intention of being counted in.  

Celebrate With Old Friends

Content Filled Sessions

Creative Activities

Relax and Enjoy

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