Kaleidoscope - Habonim Ultimate Gathering 23-28 October

HUG will be the culmination of the six-day Kaleidescope seminar  

We will start before dinner on Thursday October 27, immediately after the final session of KALEIDOSCOPE   and will continue overnight through Friday afternoon 28 October 2022 before Shabbat.  

 We remain cautiously optimistic that HABO2022 will go ahead this year and in the meantime please join our exciting HED program for an amazing series of conversations. 

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HUG Overview 

What? –  be prepared for an experience like no other that has been before! 

Who?anyone connected in any way with Habonim Southern Africa – chanichim, madrichim, shlichim or an occasional camper – living outside or in Israel is encouraged  to attend  

Where? – HUG will take place at a modest, yet beautiful and comfortable resort called YEARIM tucked in the hills between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.  See the clips below for a visual tour of the hotel or visit the Yearim website. 

How? – The event will take the form of multiple events, interactions and unique experiences. Some of these will be together with the full gathering of attendees.Others will take the form of parallel activities. A lot will be about meeting old friends and listening to new voices

Why? We aim to create an experience of fun, wonderful memories and looking to the future, that carries with it, momentum and impact and that can create value for us as individuals and possibly take that with us into the environments in which we are active, beyond the moment. Unlike many reunions, which are momentary, rushed and solely based on nostalgia, this will be a coming together of wonderful people,  a telling of stories and a look at the future within the comforts of fun, friendship and trust.

Before HUG, Israelis can opt to join all or portions of the Kaleidoscope program. Pricing soon

The program (not final)

FOMO Alert: “Fear Of Missing Out”. It’s a one-time thing and its gonna be awesome. 

Come Shmooze or you lose!!

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Be prepared for lots of HUGs!

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