Overview of Program for the Habonim Ultimate Gathering - HUG

We are announcing that Kaleidoscope/HUG is being postponed to October 2021.  Details of our new plans will be published shortly and anyone who paid a deposit or installment will receive an email explaining our policy which has been negotiated with the tour operator and hotel. We remain cautiously optimistic that HABO2020 will go ahead in 2021 and in the meantime join our exciting HED program for an amazing series of conversations.

Intro and overview of program for HUG 

(still in process and new dates being finalised -subject to changes, so this is tentative)

Scroll down to see an overview of the full week-long HABO2020 program

HUG 2020 – The Habonim Ultimate Gathering. Be there!!

What – HUG will be the Habonim Ultimate Gathering where movement graduates living in Israel join together with those from abroad for an experience like no other that has been before. We see a coming-together of a community which has been created over the decades for whom Habonim Dror SA has had a transformative and meaningful effect on the lives of all of us, whether social, intellectual, political and has been key to our interactions with each other and the societies in which we live.

Where -The event will take place at a modest, yet beautiful and comfortable resort called YEARIM tucked in the hills between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.  See the clips below for a visual tour of the hotel or visit the Yearim website.

When – It will run from Friday afternoon to Saturday night scheduled for the 23rd and 24th October 2020.

How – The event will take the form of multiple events, interactions and unique experiences. Some of these will be together with the full gathering of attendees. Others will take the form of parallel activities. A lot will be meeting old friends and listening to new voices

Structure – Everything is optional. We are arranging things so that the full gatherings are for all attendees and of course we hope to see all present there. We will celebrate together 90 years of Habonim SA together with Kaleidoscope, the super-charged tour that precedes this and will link up together on the weekend of the 23th October

What do we hope to achieve? We aim to create an experience of fun, wonderful memories and looking to the future, that carries with it, momentum and impact and that can create value for us as individuals and possibly take that with us into the environments in which we are active, beyond the moment. Unlike many reunions, which are momentary, rushed and solely based on nostalgia, this will be a coming together of wonderful people,  a telling of stories and a look at the future within the comforts of fun, friendship and trust.

The program (not final)

Day 1

  • Gathering in: 23rd October 12pm: Registering, mini reunions, boxed lunch, going to rooms, exploring the site, mingling.
  • Opening: 3pm: Official Start – including
    • Opening address 
    • Mass ice breakers
    • Key Speaker – 
    • Playback Theatre – Habonim Through the Ages
    • And some unexpected surprises along the way..
  • Break
  • Kabbalat Shabbat: The way we did it and the way we like it:  songs, and key tfilot that all or most know
  • Shabbat Meal
  • Shira Betzibur – singing our way into tarbut
  • Tarbut: We have a rich a varied program with both new and traditional material, lots of surprises in stall. Not to be missed!
  • Cocoa and Taps

Day 2

  • Early Morning:  The fanatics can run, practice tai chi take a short tiyul of the area, and more. The rest of us – sleep late and hang out with friends.
  • Late Breakfast 9 -10AM: including new arrivers and their registration
  • Story time between 10 – 12: stories: funny, seminal, amazing all within a common context and completely crowd-sourced, with facilitation. No navel gazing-here and lots of fascinating people to talk to and to hear.
    1. Important note: this time can be happily used to catch up, chat, have a coffee together outside the organized modules if people choose to.
  • Lunch 12:00 – 14:00 
  • 14:00 – 15:30: 4 parallel activities and panels in parallel with audience interaction:
    • 1) What is Habonim today in SA in the perspective of several generations?
    • 2) What is Israel today? Politics and Polemics
    • 3) Creating a community of social action: in the perspective of Kaleidsoscope and Hug is there place for initiating action?
    • 4) Shiur Shabbat: sit back, hear the wisdom and join in the conversation
    • Break
  • 16:00 – 17:30 Mass Music Event – to be announced.
  • 18:00 – 19:00 Havdalla. Final wrap-up of HUG. 
    • Mifkad Esh.
    • Habonim are going Homeward.

And What Else?: We plan to have an ongoing “living museum” including tours led by Shnat (ie: machon) participants who will guide us through the pics, the artifacts of old, the stories and a short slide/film presentation

FOMO Alert: “Fear Of Missing Out”. It’s a one-time thing and its gonna be awesome. Be there!

Be prepared for lots of HUGs!

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