To complete registration, you must submit the registration form below, and complete payment. You can return to the registration form at any time. To complete registration form:

1. Click the “REGISTER” button below, to access the registration form. You will be asked to create an account – this will allow you to return to the application at any time.

2. All fields are mandatory, however only those with a red star * must be completed for the initial registration

3. Registration closure date will be announced separately – please follow our announcements. Be sure to submit all information by that date.

4. For any questions related to the registration form, please email

To complete payment:
1. The last section of the registration form is a link to the payment platform. Once you press submit on your initial registration, click the link to the payment platform to complete
payment. You must submit payments as per the payment schedule outlined in the payment section.

2. You can access the payment platform at any time by clicking the “PAY” button below.

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