Kaleidoscope 2022

Yearim Hotel, Maale Hahamisha

October 23-27, 2022

Sunday October 23, 2022 – Gyroscope: 

Twists & Turns of Jewish Renewal and Israeli Democracy in the age of Populism


9:30 Welcome and Orientation at Anu Museum of the Jewish People

After ten years of planning and construction, the largest Jewish Museum in the world has opened its doors. The Museum represents all parts of the Jewish people and highlights the creative works and cultural riches of a variety of communities in different periods of history.


10:00 “Pecha Kucha” Presentations: Challenges and Opportunities in Israeli Society:

PechaKucha’s format shows your 20 chosen images, each for 20 seconds. In other words, you’ve got 400 seconds to tell your story, with visuals guiding the way. This creative outlet began as nighttime get-togethers in Tokyo in 2003. Since then, three million people have attended PechaKucha events worldwide.

(3-4 Speakers on main program themes, 7–10-minute presentations).

11:00 In Depth Conversations with Pecha Kucha Speakers, 45-60 minute 

Potential Speakers: Alex Rif / Tamar Gur / Menachem Bombach / Ibrahim Abu Ahmad.

12:30 Lunch 

13:30 Walking Tour of Tel Aviv

Explore the boundaries between old and new, ideals and realism in the center of Tel Aviv. Walk the “Independence Trail” which links ten Zionist history landmarks in the period between the founding of Tel Aviv and the establishment of the State of Israel. Continue into Levinsky Market, where waves of immigrants found their home in the city and brought their heritage and identities with them. 

15:00 Drive to Maaleh Hahamisha. 

16:30 Panel on Israeli Democracy in the age of Populism

Meet speakers from across the political map in Israel, discussing the current state of Israeli democracy, media and political culture. 

Sample speaker: Roy Folkman was a member of Knesset between 2015-2019, primarily focused on issues regarding government reform, economic policy and support for small businesses. Formerly the head of the Hebrew University Student Union and a local activist, he is a graduate of the Harvard Kennedy School. In 2021 he published his first book on politics in the information age: “Software Update: New rules for democracy”.

Suggested speakers – General (Res) Noam Tibon, Journalist Amir Tibon, Prof. Asher Susser

Check In, Dinner at Hotel.

Evening Keynote Speaker

Cultural Programs at Hotel (2-3 options). 

To be determined

Overnight: Yearim Hotel, Maaleh Hahamisha

Monday October 24, 2022 – Stethoscope

Listening to the Fears and Hopes of Jews & Arabs

6:00 Optional early morning activities (walking, running, yoga, meditation, etc)

7:00 Breakfast at Hotel

9:00 Overview of the Conflict and Framing for the Day at Tel El Ful 

In the 1960’s, The Royal Palace of Jordan’s King Hussein in Jerusalem was set to be built as a summer residence on one of the highest hilltops in the city. The building process was abruptly stopped by the Six Day War, leaving the bare foundations of a building as a living monument to the Jordanian rule over East Jerusalem and a breathtaking vantage point of Jerusalem, Ramallah and the Judean Desert. 

10:00 Visit Bethlehem with Palestinian Guides, explore daily life of the residents.

11:30 Meet Palestinian Activists, Thinkers and Individuals in Bethlehem. 

13:00 Lunch at Jewish at Jewish Settlement

14:30 Meet Jewish Activists and hear and discuss Narratives of the Settlement Movement. 

16:00 Visit Jewish-Palestinian Co-existence Project/s  


Return to Kibbutz, Group Processing & Dinner at Hotel

19:30 Meeting with Victims of Terror.

Examples: Racheli Frankel / Silverstein (Beit El) / Bat Galim Sha’ar.

Evening Programming: Journalists Panel, Grassroot Activists, Educators. 


Overnight: Yearim Hotel, Maaleh Hahamisha

Tuesday October 25, 2022 – Microscope

Focus on Experiencing Different Dimensions of Israel

6:00 Optional early morning activities (walking, running, yoga, meditation, etc)

7:00 Breakfast at Hotel

8:00 Opening Session at Hotel, split into Tracks

Disperse pre-assigned tracks among following options: 

  • Old and New Sights through Israeli Eyes – a touring track for frequent & infrequent visitors to Israel
  • Galilee Sensation: archeology, ecology and food
  • Grafitiyul: urban subculture through street art in Tel Aviv and elsewhere 
  • Beyond the Green Line: the future for those who live there
  • Israel though its Poets and Music

All buses convene in Tel Aviv by 18:00.

18:30 Dinner in Tel Aviv at Betae Restaurant with Ashager Araro

Born on a roadside during Operation Solomon and raised in Yavneh, Ashager Araro is a proud representative of the young generation of Israelis of Ethiopian descent. She is a former IDF officer and an activist in support of the State of Israel.  Together with her aunt, Fanta Prada, they established a heritage center and restaurant in the heart of Tel Aviv.

Return to Hotel

21:00 Evening Processing and Presentations – Theme: Behavioural Nuances in Israeli Culture

Overnight: Yearim Hotel, Maaleh Hahamisha 

Wednesday October 26, 2022 – Microscope

Focus on Fields of Special Interest

6:00 Optional early morning activities (walking, running, yoga, meditation, etc)

7:00 Breakfast at Hotel

8:00 Opening Session at Hotel, split into Tracks


Disperse pre-assigned tracks among following options: 

  • Healthcare 
  • Education, Social activism and Co-existence 
  • Hi-Tech, Finance and Doing Business the Israeli Way
  • Media, Art & Activism
  • Law and Human Rights

All buses return to hotel by 17:00

Group Processing


19:00 Dinner at Hotel

Film Evening – Panel of leading filmmakers in conversation, showing of award-winning Israeli film and discussion with the producers

Overnight: Yearim Hotel, Maaleh Hahamisha


Thursday October 27, 2022 – Telescope

Projecting the Future – Societal Challenges & Activist Responses 


6:00 Optional early morning activities (walking, running, yoga, meditation, etc)

7:00 Breakfast at Hotel and Check Out 

8:00 Opening Session at Hotel

8:30 Drive to Lod

Orientation for the day with MAOZ Network


The Maoz Network is a non-government organization promoting multi-sectoral and multi-systematic leadership to lead change processes and advance Israel’s socio-economic resilience. Through their network of leaders from Government, Business and the non profit sectors, they bring together Israelis from all identities and denominations to pursue a shared vision of prosperity and cooperation. 


Visit Organizations, Individuals and Community Centers in Lod, including:

  • Historical aspects of the city and pre-1948 Lydda 
  • Visit “Detroit” Community Center, meet Director Fatten Alzinati / Staff. 
  • Meeting / Home Hospitality with Ethiopian Immigrants.
  • Rebuilding Bridges after the Pandemic 
  • Orthodox “Garin” Community.
  • Introduction to Local Leadership programs at Maoz.


Tasting Tours in the Ramle Market

Over 100 years old and off the beaten track, the Ramle Market is unique in the sites, languages and flavors that it brings together. Explore, meet Jewish & Arab vendors, taste the many specialties and experience one of the few markets in the country that are still primarily catering to their local community.

Processing, Summarizing Kaleidoscope on Campus

Gala Dinner, Party & Entertainment

End of Program 


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