1. Book now for the Mini Kaleidoscope-HUG 2022.   Please go to the registration order form to book the elements of the program (see below) you are interested in.  This program is designed for both visitors HED-ding to Israel and local Israelis to join as they choose
  2. If you wish to see the pricing for each of the modules described below – click here
  3. Book now for the optional three-day A-Guard tour from 23-25th October for details 
  4. Oct 6th – See details of our special evening Tarbut which we are now publishing and inviting all to attend. These are evenings inclusive of the Mini Kaleidoscope program and we encourage others to join ussee here
  5. Oct 20th –  We have updated the itinerary for Kaleidoscope and HUG and you can see the details below.  You can also download a copy with embedded links to your phone via a PDF from this link.
  6. Oct 20th – Ahead of Mini Kaleidoscope we have created a Whatsapp Group that you can join via this link and share info or ask questions.  

On Sunday October 23 through Tuesday October 25 (3 days), Mark Kedem, a certified tour guide and former HDSA leader, will offer an authentic and creative Israel experience for all interested. Prior to the start of the Kaleidoscope program, join Mark on three fun filled, educational and exciting day trips to three different locations, experiencing the incredible sights, tastes and smells of Israel, all through a local lens. The destinations and content of the tours will be finalized based on the requests, needs and background of those and details provided separately. Please write to 

 Please go to registration order form to choose the elements of the program you are interested in.

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