Kaleidoscope 2022

Engaging Israel At A Crossroads​

Inside View Of Israel

Kaleidoscope offers a view of Israel from the inside rather than the outside which and in the tradition of Habonim encourages participants to engage creatively and critically with a diverse range of perspectives.

Incredible Speakers

In the true spirit of Habonim we will engage with the brightest minds and most important personalities in Israel, including educators, writers, judges, scientists, doctors, film-makers, performers, social activists, entrepreneurs, executives, investors, senior military strategists and top Israeli and Palestinian leaders.

Amazing Journey

Kaleidoscope is a nuanced journey of depth and disruption in the open, experiential and informal educational style of Habonim. Covering politics, culture, sport, law, business, technology, social action, education, healthcare and religion.

HABO 2020 in 2022   –  Engaging in Israel…… Really!

The Covid-19 pandemic forced us to delay our plans for HABO 2020. HED (Habonim Engaging in Dialogue) stepped in to create a virtual platform for Movement Alumni throughout the world to connect and engage during these challenging times. From our Zoom windows and across four continents, we managed to re-live the Habonim Dror magic and experience. Spending this time together solidified for all of us how our experience in the Movement helped shape and direct our lives.

Kaleidoscope and HUG in October 2022, will allow us to continue to connect and engage, this time in Israel and in person. It will provide an opportunity for current and past members of Habonim Dror, throughout the world and from Israel to finally meet face to face. During an action filled and thought-provoking week of touring and programming we will have the unique opportunity to see and re-acquaint ourselves with old friends, madrichim and chanichim.

What can we expect from HABO 2020 in 2022?

An Amazing Journey

Kaleidoscope is a deep and nuanced educational journey of discovery and disruption in the informal, experiential style of Habonim Dror.

An Inside View of Israel

Kaleidoscope will offer a view of Israel from the inside with a diverse array of programs and speakers, encouraging participants to engage critically and creatively with a wide range of perspectives and opinions.

Incredible Speakers

Kaleidoscope will engage with some of the brightest minds and most influential personalities in Israel. Speakers will include high-level Israeli and Palestinian leaders, politicians, educators, writers, judges, scientists, doctors, filmmakers, performers, social activists, entrepreneurs and senior military strategists.

Creative and Fun Programming

Kaleidoscope is operated by Routes Travel, a leading Israeli Educational Tour Company, renowned for its commitment to high quality interactive and dynamic educational journeys.


The five-day Kaleidoscope program will be followed by the Habonim Ultimate Gathering (HUG) reunion for past and current members of Habonim Dror Southern Africa.

When: October 23-27, 2022

Where: Yearim Hotel, Kibbuz Maaleh Hahamisha (https://eng.yearimhotel.com/)

Kaleidoscope-HUG 2022 is currently in the planning stages with the cautious hope and optimism that it will be feasible and safe to travel to Israel in October, 2022, to participate in this program. In addition to following all applicable government laws and guidelines, we are committed to maintaining the highest practicable standards of Covid infection prevention for our participants.


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