Kaleidoscope Program

Example Draft Itinerary

November 3-7 2019

On the right is an example of a Kaleidoscope program held in 2019 and a taster of the plans for 2020.  See what participants said about the program.

Kaleidoscope is a multi‐dimensional exploration of Israel through a wide-angled lens. With no partisan agenda, participants engage – creatively and critically – with the vibrant complexity of Israel. This program is designed by Makom – The Education Lab of The Jewish Agency, who provides Kaleidoscope’s highly experienced team of expert educators and guides. Tour logistics are managed by Keshet Tour Company.

  • Makom’s daily orientation will provide a contextual framework for the issues and explore the evolving questions and perspectives of the participants.
  • The program is subject to change. 

Interested in joining a similar program for the Habo 2020 event?

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