Pam Silver – an internationally renowned artist and former member of Habonim Southern Africa was inspired by the Kaleidoscope and HUG events of October 2022 and has created two paintings which she is generously donating to the Habonim fund (known as the Giddi and Toni Shimoni Fund).

Pam wrote with great excitement about the paintings:

“It is the colors and  the gardens of our youth It is the energy of Africa.  The energy that Habonim gave us. The ability to connect to people love each and work together with joy and strength”

One painting is 125×200 cm in dimension (acryllic on canvas)

The second is First one 108 x125 cm (acryllic on canvas)

See both below. The one on right is the larger painting.

You can read about Pam’s work in this article below and also visit her site at

We are inviting anyone interested in bidding for these paintings to send a note to this email. Suggested opening bids: $3000 for the small painting and $8000 for the large one.

The auction ends on April 26th 2023

Read more about Pamela and her work below.

The Joy and Energy from Hed Kaleidescope and Hug 2022 125x200 cm
All the joy and energy we received from the jacarandas and gardens of our childhood 108 x125 cm
The joy and energy of HED Kaleidoscope and HUG 2022 125x200 cm

To read the full article about Pam and her work – click here

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