This page has been updated with initial images from HUG at Tzora

28th October 2022.

Below is an album of photos taken by Errol Sapir at HUG on the 28th October 2022.  We are truly grateful  to Errol for volunteering to photograph the event and produce this record of an amazing event – the culmination of a lot of team work but mainly covering the shmoozing, first welcoming speeches, the Open Space session, lunch, smoozing, regional get-togethers, The Jonathan Miller blues grass band, shmoozing, Howie Gordon leading the sing-a-long and the finale with everyone learning the steps for Jerusalema.    We hope to have videos in the near future.

Click to enlarge and then the arrows to move left and right. 

The 1940s
Machaneh Avodah

A far more comprehensive libary of photo albums can be found in our Facebook group – HABO2020

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