shimoni fund

Please help secure the Movement’s future by contributing to The Shimoni Fund.

What will the funds be used for?  This Fund will support senior members of HDSA, enabling them to participate in leadership programs in Israel, including Shnat (formerly the Machon), the Grade 10 Shorashim, and the ILT Israel Leadership Tour.

Why now? Many participants can’t afford these programs due to a weak currency exchange rate which is exaggerated by the current economic crisis. For the first time in decades, HDSA is not able to run a Machaneh in 2020, which will affect the movement leadership for years to come. The Movement receives no funding from the SAZF or local Jewish campaigns. Support for these programs will help to build the next generation of leadership and enhance their connection with Israel.

Why is it called The Shimoni Fund?  To recognize the profound impact that Giddy and Toni Shimoni have had on multiple Movement generations during their 70 years of involvement.

Is the donation tax-deductible?   Yes, you will receive a tax receipt for income tax purposes if you donate from the countries below.  We are currently making arrangements for this in other countries and will add those to the website in the future.

How do you donate?  If you are donating less than USD$5,000 (or equivalent in your currency), please click on the applicable buttons below.  If you are able to donate     USD $5,000 or more, or if you have any questions or suggestions email to


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